Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Baby Girl!!!

This is my Baby..... Not so much of a baby anymore, but always my baby. I am so proud of this beautiful young woman. Not only does she have a heart after God's, but she has a heart that is gentle, thoughtful and kind. She is intelligent and silly, and a real cowgirl at heart. She would do just about anything for you in your time of need and is the main entertainment factor of our house!!!! What's not to love??? She "cleans up real good" as well. hahahahahahaha She will always have a bit of that old tomboy in her, but boys ya better watch out for this one. It's going to take a VERY special man to keep her interested!!!!

And this is the true love of her life. I have heard her say more than once " I have my horse and my daddy, what else do I need."

Even though I am not able to go out to the barn right now, I am blessed by all the pictures my family always brings me. This set happens to be of a trail ride that
Allison and her friend went on recently.

Heading out. The ranch we have Cricket boarded at is by the San Diego River, which has no water.

You can see El Capitan Mountain in the background on the left. Notice how much muscle Cricket is getting in her hind in. Looking good. Allison has put ALOT of herself into the relationship that the two of them have developed. It really shows not only in the way Cricket looks but her ground manners are coming along really well.

She told me here that she was " pretending to be in Australia" Why I have no clue. What I do know is that her friends, Lexy and Ryan and her have the best times together!!!

This one makes me want to say "Riden' high in the saddle."

This is letting loose and galloping. Notice the helmet. Yes that's my girl. My last words as shes out the door every single time are, "WEAR YOUR HELMET"

And this is it. That's for "riding along"
Blessings, Sue " Y'all come back now, ya hear"

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Poor Dears!!!!!!!

When I unpacked my suitcase upon arriving home, I asked one of the girls or that little creep nobody who still lives here, to take it to the shed. Of course it didn't get to the shed and ended up back on my bedroom floor for awhile. I moved it back out to the living room and again asked for it to be moved to the shed. So far Nobody is the only one who has listened to me, as usual, but it takes him a really long time to "get around to things" The Weens are bound and determined NOT to get left behind in California this time, should I decide to fill that thing with clothes and head out to the wild yonder. The poor little dears!!!!!
I have finally found the right pattern for this yarn I dyed and spun. I think I won a blue ribbon at the Del Mar Fair a couple of years ago with this yarn too. Any way... I've had it for awhile in my jar and couldn't decide what to make with it.

I was wandering around the web, reading a few favorite blogs and was reminded of this mock cable rib pattern. I actually used it to make your socks, Susan.

Since I am starting to feel rather Autumn-y and in the mood to knit, it worked out perfect.
Blessings, Sue

I wanted to show you Matt's Office. Now keep in mind that they were in the midst of getting ready for the school year to actually begin and so I won"t show you his desk area, but these are his shelves. You tell me, is the man an amazing coach??? Yes, yes he is. Is this Momma proud of her son in law??? YES, YES SHE IS.
Proud enough to POP!!!!!

We were able to go and watch a scrimmage game. Now I'll be the first to admit that I know practically nothing about football. Not that I haven't had it explained to me a million times. Its enough for me to love the ones, who love the game , is it not???

The day was beautiful. It had been raining enough throughout the night before to "cool" it down some and the sun was being shielded from us by big, fat, luscious clouds.

We were able to watch the game to it's end and just as they were finishing up, these huge, plump drops began to fall. Everyone around me began to move really Fast. I'm talking hurry. Within seconds, I'm not exaggerating, We were in the midst of a downpour. By the time we got to the car we were SOAKED. Not Southern California wet, But Newnan, Georgia drowned rat soaked. hahahahahahahahhahahha
I did manage to talk to a Grandma of one of the players on the way and found out that she was visiting her family from Oklahoma and that her other grandson is in Afghanistan. He is now on my prayer list.

Ok so even though we had already been to the infamous Chick-fil-a once, I had to have some more chicken fingers. (That name bugs me ok. Having had chickens for just about ever I've yet to see one with even one finger.) This company is based in Atlanta and it has integrity. They only use really high quality chicken and if you are a fried chicken fan at all you have simply GOT to eat this chicken. The sauce for dipping is so darn good I could drink it.

And along with the never ending sweet tea.... Oh ya that's what I'm talking about!!!!!!!!!

This is one of the coolest dogs I've ever known. His name is Riley. He is mellow and very sure of himself. Friendly to a fault.

And this is his side kick Delilah. She is another little love. she is also an escape artist. But a love none the less. They were my creative companions during my visit and since I'm used to having a " heartbeat at my feet" they filled in for Bailey quite well. (Bailey is my shadow at home)

This my dear friends is the view on the way home. I was greeted each time I looked out the window by a blanket of clouds. When I was little (ok and sometimes now) I used to think about sitting on or walking on clouds. It just fascinates me that there is this whole other world up there that we are not even aware of.

Not that this is by any means the end of my pictures from my recent trip to Georgia. I just wanted to kind of wrap up the bigger stuff for now. Life is going on and I have things to share about home as well. Ill post more pictures intermediately , but for now this is the last of the entirely trip photos. hahahahahah Thanks for listening to me as I go on and on and on about it.
Come back again and often, Blessings, Sue

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Picture Heavy !!!

I first wanted to show you the progress of my embroidery I started in Georgia. This is different for me as I am usually drawn to color, but this was so endearing to me that I had to stitch it. I'm actually even further now than this picture shows. I love it!!! It's my very first redwork. I also bought a frame for the picture you gave me. Looks darn nice if you ask me!!!
and this is the bird I got in Senioa. All three of us got one. Carlye, Jennifer and I.

This is a great source of pride for me!!!! Mrs. Carlye Schock. Outside her very own classroom, teaching French ll, Humanities, Literature lll, Literature Honours, Literature lV, and Literature lV Honours. Room 202. I always new you were going to be a success at whatever you chose to do. This is just the beginning of the many accomplishments you will achieve. You are AMAZING!!!!! Soon your sister will have her own classroom as well. I could just POP!!!!


Ohhhhhhhhhhh, "the teachers desk".......

These are meant to be clicked through..... You'll see what I mean.

Ahhhh shoot this is not in order. This is the view out the classroom window. Ok...... go ahead, scroll down....

Silly girls..... How fun is that? After we visited Carlye's classroom and Matt's office ( He's the principal) We headed out to I think Hobby Lobby yet again, then home..... I still have more pictures!!!!!! Come on back ya'll.........
Blessings, Sue

Monday, August 23, 2010

Tour of a grand estate!!!!!!!!!

This is Carlye and Matt's Home. They are the most gracious Hosts ever. When you walk into this house you can feel the love. Not only their love for each other , but their love and devotion to serving the LORD. They have turned this house into a home. This is the view from the kitchen window!! Even though I didn't have to wash one dish while I was there, my thoughts were that I could spend the next half of my life looking out a window like this and seeing a similar scene. (I know your looking only at the lawn and thinking how awful it looks but lets be real here, not everyone knows how much time and effort you two have put into your grass, just to watch the sun bake the life right out of it this summer. It looks wonderful to me!!!!)

This is the kitchen nook where I had my coffee and we had our meals. You can see the deck out the window and the hummingbird feeder I was telling you about in the last post. This is too, where I sat and peeled apples and watched two twitterpated squirrels, chase and jump from tree to tree. Its a nice place to sit and relax and I actually spent alot of time here because you can see the front and back yard at the same time, and we were so busy creating!!!!!!

This is the view from the library. It is in the front of the house and looks out to the front porch and yard. I sat here during an amazing thunder storm and watched the lightening and rain like it never rains in California.

Ahhhh the front porch swing. I sat out here some evenings and watched the fireflies blink and felt the breezes blow on the back on my neck. It was HOT and HUMID, but the breeze was refreshing and the sounds of the crickets and birds, was nearly overrun by the cicadas music. I'm not kidding, if I closed my eyes I would have sworn it sounded like one of my relaxation Cd's.
The fireflies are magical, and if I live to be a thousand years old I will never stop being amazed by them.

I also saw another wonderful creature and that is a cardinal. Wow!!! Is God amazing or what? Only He would have thought to make a bird so brilliantly RED. Hmmmmmm just one more reason to LOVE Him.

Ok so this is it for today, since I really never asked if I could put pictures of your house online. I would love to show some of the little vignettes I took if you don't mind.
More pictures tomorrow....Be here or Be square!!! hahahahahaahhaahahahhahhahahhahahaha

Blessings, Sue

Sunday, August 22, 2010

On our way and enjoying life

So this is pretty much the beginning of our trip. We made it through security,which was an ordeal in itself. I was so nervous about setting off the bells and whistles. But as it turned out, it wasn't all that bad after all. A really kind officer in Atlanta airport showed me exactly how to "do it" hahaha ie, roll down the waist band in your pants, hold your arms out to the side and etc. So now I guess you could say, that although I've never had an "official" frisk down. I"m not so apprehensive now. hahahahhahhahhhahhahah Jennifer whisked me around in a wheelchair and we got where we needed to be super fast. She's a good driver!!!!
We settled in the plane for the first leg of our flight and after this it became old hat and I didn't take out the camera again until the ride home. (on the plane I mean)

This is pretty much what I woke up to every single morning. This is the bird feeder that hangs in the bay window, in the kitchen nook where I had my coffee every morning. I was so amazed at how the butterflies came to drink. the butterflies seemed huge to me and they were just about everywhere.

The hummingbirds ,of course, battled it out in their never ending feud for territory, but they didn't bother the butterflies at all and even the bees enjoyed a morning cocktail. Fascinating!!!!

The day we arrived we were happy to find that we were there in time for Saturday in the square, or Farmers market in the square. Not really sure what they call it but I've missed it every other time I've been back. We had so much fun. The people are so darn friendly. And this suits me to a Tee, as I've been told that I could make friends with a tree. We sampled homemade ice-cream and boiled peanuts (pronounced bowled) and no kidding fresh bacon from a guys farm and local honey. We bought green tomatoes and fresh picked blueberries. Then we walked around the antique shops.
I'm not really sure why I love these old wooden Indians. I am intrigued by them. My mom used to tell me when I was little that I could drive one crazy. Hmmmmmmmmm... Interesting.

My sweet baby, all "growed up" Ain't she cute?????? hee hee hee hee

These are really only important to me, as they are the first of many flights of stairs I was able to climb. Yay knees!!!!! Thank you, LORD. This antique store is supposed to be haunted and although it was creepy in the back rooms because of all the old stuff in there, I wasn't tapped on the shoulder and my hair wasn't pulled. and there definatly were NO cold spots as it was so freakin hot and humid that day. I found an old copy of Anne of Green Gables that I still covet but didn't buy, way too much money. I did buy some antique pearl buttons.

Ok so by the time we left Newnan we realized we had completely skipped lunch and we were starving and the only thing left to do was go to the Golden Corral and "PIG OUT" Oh yes, what you are looking at is fried catfish, fried shrimp, and fried chicken, I did eat salad so "don't judge me, man". Along with about a gallon of sweet tea and the yummiest banana pudding you ever ate, we managed to waddle back out to the car and head home.

Yes, THIS IS THEY'RE DRIVEWAY. Can you believe the green. I'm in Southern California and believe me it's NOT this green anywhere.

This is a really cool shot that Jennifer took of the back yard. I love it there.
Ok, so I hope you had as much fun as I just did. Meet me back here, soon, as I've got alot more to share.
Blessings!!!!!!!!!!!, Sue
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