Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Senior Prom.....

 My BABY.... Yep.... My last woman child to graduate high school and fly out of the nest.. Yes, she wore her cowboy boots. She and her best friend Emily both went with their boots on. hahahahah
 Of course we had to get the customary "duck face" . She looked beautiful. She had a blast.
 I actually got them to be serious for a change.
 This last weekend found me rather on the down side...mood wise. Seth went on a hike and brought me back an amazing bouquet of wild flowers. This is something he has always done and it never fails to make my spirits lift. I am forever in awe of the details of these small, often non noticed flowers.
 Look at all the little fuzzy fingers on this  yellow one. I can just imagine a little bee in there busily collecting pollen and brushing her little behind up against them. (smile)
 and this teeny tiny work of art. It is absolutely perfect. Unless you are directly on top of it you would never see the perfect symmetry of its center. You may even pass it by all together.
 These little puffs remind me of baby's breath. Its not though. Each little round bud is stuffed completely full of the tiniest little petals and when they open up millions of little feather like seeds float around.
 There were actually two kinds of smaller yellow flowers, much like mustard flowers. In fact I think perhaps one of them is mustard.
 I wanted you to see the brilliant colors in the petals of this one again. I watched a documentary once about how the insects and bees see these colors. Not like us at all. Each color and pattern is perfectly planned to help direct them to the most pollen. God is amazing.
 Each one of these tiny blossoms is absolutely perfect. I am in awe.
This is the bouquet from a distance. Funny how in my lifetime I have seen probably hundreds, if not thousands of these wild flowers growing throughout the years. Driving past fields and hiking through meadows. They could be seen as nothing much more than a bunch of weeds, until you take the time to really ponder them. There are several verses in the bible where Jesus was telling us to consider the flowers of the field. They are here for such a short time and yet look how lovingly and perfectly each one is made. Each according to its own kind and purpose. Sometimes they are never even seen by human eyes, and yet they are still perfect.
If God made these tiniest of flowers for his pleasure, and I believe He did,  Just think how much more pleased He is with you!!
Blessings, Sue