Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Grandween???? You ask.....

Yes as well we all knew.... ( sing with me now) First comes love, then comes marriage then comes a ween in the baby carriage. I would love to announce to you that I am a grand mama, already. This is my daughter with my new grand weenie...... Wilbur. He is now 10 weeks old and to quote my girl " a very, naughty boy" Is he not adorable??? Is she not beautiful??? This is a rather random post today. I feel kind of random.
Seth and I went on a date. Yes a real live date, just the two of us. ( I'll wait while you get a cool cloth for your head if you need one) haha. This was just before the wedding and we took the time out to go to an exhibit at the Natural History museum in Balboa Park. That story next time .
These are pictures that I took of the fossilized leaves on exhibit. I love leave of all kinds and thought these were really cool. I believe, don't quote me though, that they are actually local.
This is the famous fig tree at the park. It is huge, and AMAZING. They now have a fence around it but at one time you could go right up to it and feel its magnificence. One time a long time ago... When I was a Daisy Girl scout leader, we took a field trip to this very tree. Not just our troop but about a million other little girls. This tree was swarming with legs, arms and laughter until one minute we heard screaming and realized that someones little foot was stuck in the fork of a few branches. Oh yes.... The fire department was dispatched as was the police dept. and about a thousand other emergency vehicles. I have to admit that after I found out the little girl was okay. I was really glad that I was able to swish my little group back to the van and make like ducks, to get the flock outta there. Whew.... I new there was a reason I had said no to their mournful little pleas. Hence the fence. Which is really a blessing to us all. Now the tree can be admired from afar and not have to worry about we silly humans.
And last but not least I leave you with the fountain that graces the park. We have had many hours of enjoying this fountain. When the girls were little all the way until now when we shared a sandwich and Ice tea and listened as the saxophone player. A couple even broke into a few steps of dance while walking by. It was good.
Til later then, Blessings Sue