Thursday, August 27, 2009

That girl is a cowboy...

Crickets at her new ranch... We moved her over last Saturday. It seems that all this little mare needed, was some good old, love and care, and just look at her now. I would say she looking quite fat, and a bit sassy. She is about ready to ride and Allison is "chomping at the bit" to get in the saddle as well. heeheehee Just look at that tummy now.... Not a rib to be seen.
Allison says she will gain much needed butt muscle once she starts riding.

Don't they look great together????

Just look at that beautiful coat.
And Tookie believe me!!!!!!! I'm so there already!!!! xoxoxoxo
It got to 108* today. It's 4:30 and it's still 102*. Wow.... I'm praying for everyone who doesn't have an ac to get into.
Cool Blessings your way...... Sue

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Parrots are back!!!!

For as long as I can remember, and we've lived in the same house for 24 years, the parrots arrive, in full squawking glory, at this same time each year. I count on it. It means that Autumn is coming soon. When I used to raise lovebirds they would come right into our yard, landing in the trees and on top of the aviary to see them. They are LOUD and beautiful, and they make me happy. I liked to think that they were migrating up from Mexico, and until recently this is still what I assumed.. Recently, however, I've been reading about the many feral parrot flocks, in many major cities, and specifically Southern California. No one really knows how they began, and there are many theory's. I still lean towards the Mexico thing.

They are Amazon Parrots. This is a picture of what one looks like. Southern California is the perfect climate for them and since we have many palm trees and eucalyptus trees ( none which are native ) The birds thrive here. The picture below is of two feral Mexican parrots. I tried to get pictures myself but it just wasn't meant to be. It's fun to read about them.. Try Google.
We're having a bit of a heat wave here now. Its got to 103* at around 1:30 today. Thank you Lord for my Air Conditioner. I don't know how I survived for so long without it.

Stay cool, Stay calm, and carry on........ Blessings Sue

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Feelin' Antsy

Lets be honest... These are really the only kind of "ants" I have ever really liked. "Ants on a log" I used to make these for the girls for school lunches (remember?) I have, however, gained a bit of respect, shall we say, for these annoying little creatures of God. I've been feeling a bit "antsy" lately. So grab a cup and go on a little journey with me, won't you. ANT- noun
1. Black, red, brown, or yellow insects found in warm climates. They have a large head, inner jaws for chewing and outer jaws for chewing, carrying and digging. They live in highly organized colonies, containing wingless female workers and a winged Queen. Only during breeding season are there winged males.

Now I find much of this information very interesting..... I'll not elaborate..... however.... EVERY ant you see on your kitchen counter is a female..... Just trying to take care of the daily business of life, tending to other family members.... blah,blah,blah..........

ANTSY- adjective- slang. 1. Unable to sit or stand still ; fidgety. 2. apprehensive, uneasy, nervous.

ANTS IN PANTS- slang. To have ants in pants, to be impatient or eager to act or speak.

1. There are over 10,000 known species of ants.
2. Ants recognise each other by scent and leave a scent trail to find food.
3. Ants live for 40 to 60 days.
4. Some birds put ants into their feathers to eat parasites.
5. Ants have 2 stomachs.
6. Ants are able to lift 20 times their body weight.
7. Ants have the largest brain of most insects.
8. Ants have no lungs, they breathe through tiny holes all over their little bodies.
9. They are in the same "family" as bees and wasps.

I have been feeling antsy lately. I'm ready for school to start. It will soon, about 2 more weeks here. I'm ready for Autumn. The colors, the smells, the feeling in the air....... I want to bake without having to turn on the AC. You get the picture...
I have been getting alot done around here. I believe God reminded me of those who need some of the really cool stuff I have in my shed that I wasn't using anymore. I've been cleaning, sorting, and generally clearing out. I give to to the American Vets Thrift Store. They are gonna score this time around. It makes me feel good. Hmmmmm....Listen to what I believe God is telling me...Act on it..... Feel good....... Interesting......
Proverbs 6: 6-8 Go to the ant, you sluggard; consider it's ways and be wise.
It has no commander, No overseer ruler,
Yet it stores its provisions in summer and gathers it's food at harvest.

So many projects I have going.... Blessed Babies are coming.... (No not grand babies yet) So I'm knee deep in knitting, quilting, sewing for them. I do like to be busy like this....
I'm itching to get spinning and I have a few weaving projects to get finished up. I also got a new crock pot I'm dying to put into service. Come On Autumn.................... It's soup time around here..........
Blessings to you all... Thanks for stopping by. Sue

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Still here.....

Still here..... just summertime busy. I will try to catch up but all will probably be just randomness as usual. hee hee Thought I'd share some pictures of our summer produce...whatever!!!! We have been trying to keep cool as usual for sunny California summers...... Cherries fresh from the fridge......
And plunked into a long, tall, never ending, glass of green ice tea.... With ALOT less sugar..... I'm weaning myself back to "not so sweet tea" hahaha

These deviled eggs are from our very own little hens, who faithfully keep us well stocked with fresh, healthy eggs.

And tell me now, how blessed am I, to have had, not only Georgia peaches this summer, but these beautiful, juice filled little orbs of love right from our very own tree, planted just this last season. Yep we got three. Started out with seven, not sure what happened to the others. Maybe some momma bird fed them to her babies, or a pack of hungry juvenile wormage found the others to be to their liking..... Either way I enjoyed them myself, sweet, juicy yummmmm.

And how excited was I when we got our first squash and tomatoes.... I have enjoyed the tomatoes the most....... We also have red grape tomatoes which when cut in half with the yellow pear and mixed with a few leafs of spinach and fresh basil, chunks of bleu cheese, red onion, a touch of olive oil and a small squeeze of lemon is now my very favorite salad in the whole wide world.....
Jennifer is coming home tonight...... Washing her bedding and getting her room all fresh and tidy for her arrival. Love it when I have chicks in the house....... More later than..
Blessings, Sue