Friday, September 25, 2009

It's Autumn for Heavens sake!!!!

I don't know about you but I'm so tired of this heat wave stuff that's been going on in Southern California. It's time for pumpkins, apples and autumn colored leaves. I've had to have the AC on for a week now !!! Don't get me wrong I'm eternally grateful to have it but .......You know what I mean, jelly bean????? Anyway I decided to get some fall going on , at least on the inside. Nothing quite fills the heart, like the sight of a sparkling cookie jar.....Except maybe for the delight of a pudgy little hand going back in for seconds....... I found these cookies on this web site called Sugarcrafter or try Just type it into google. It'll come right up. They're called Pumpkin Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies. I changed them a bit by putting in raisins and chocolate chips instead of cranberries. Oh my Gosh!!! I'm not kidding. I have made them twice already. They are that good. Everyone who has had them is in love.
Try them... Let me know how you like them.....
Stay cool, Autumn Blessings, Sue

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

In Loving Memory of Sadie

Its been a really rough week. We are very close to our animals. Our pets are very special to us.
Our dear, sweet, love has gone.... I know she is in heaven.. Young and seeing, running and yes barking.... She was with us for 19 years..... And a good life she shared with us... It was time.... She hated having her picture taken, was afraid of the click and flash. This one was taken quite awhile ago. She was a really cool dog. When the babies were little and I would put them down on the floor she would try to drag them to me by their gowns, at the slightest peep. She was faithful to a fault and very protective of her girls and home. Miss you...Ween.... Really bad.....
We love you Sadie... You live on in our hearts, thoughts, and lives.
Our other baby, Bailey, had to have surgery the very next day for an abscess on her head, We think she was bitten an insect or spider. anyway she is on antibiotics for another week. Doing well... back to herself. Daddy was gone for the week, Family emergency up north... blah, blah blah. Hes on his way back home now and hopefully we can get back to our "normal' which is all I ask for... really

I kept it rather quite..... Spent time sewing baby blankets, some knitting and quilting. These are the same type of blankets I made when my girls were born. Each one got one to come home from the hospital in. Double flannel. Not fancy, but very snugly. These are for a dear baby girl who will be named Paige.
The pictures are not accurate at all as far as color goes.

Lavender gingham on one side, small lavender flowers on the other.

Bright pinks, lavenders, yellows and some green... the other side is the same green.
They turned out cute.
Peaceful Blessings, Sue

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Love It !!!!

"Barbie turns 50" Is this not, just too FUNNY !!!!!! Yes, lets get real. HAHAHAHAHAHA

Blessings, Sue

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back to School

Ahhhhhhh.... the first day of school... another blessed "summer" done and gone..... Am I sad, no. We had a full, busy and fun one again this year.
Time from now, until Christmas, flies by for me. I think its because it stays so hot, for so long, and then boom its supposed to be Autumn. I remember when the girls were little trying to make Halloween costumes that were warm enough yet not to warm, because I may still be wearing shorts to take them trick or treating. Ahhhh Southern California. Since I'm not feeling the least bit clever or even the tiniest bit witty, I'll leave you with a last bit of summer in photos.
Summer Burger......

Summer Beer.........

Summer Action..........

Summer Siesta!!!!
Here's to Seasons...... New and blessed ones to come.....
Blessings, Sue

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Breakfast of Opportunity

What do you do when you have 5 cups of BIG, FAT Organic Blueberries? PIE, Duh!!!!!!!

Last night Seth BBQ'd the best ribs, corn on the cob and peppers. Yes, it was a barbarian meal...... the kind you eat with your hands, But it was delicious!!!!! We pigged out!!!!

This didn't cool down in time to eat last night and honesty there just wasn't much room in the ol' tortilla baskets anyway.
So whats a girl to do when she wakes up in the morning and has this little gem sitting right there on the counter next to the coffee maker? BREAKFAST!!!! Duh!!!

Oh my Gosh!!!! Was it ever good!!! I think one of the best!!! We even had vanilla ice cream!!!!

Now....... lets be perfectly honest, If this was your choice..... and your usually ALWAYS the good girl, with whole grains and all that blah,blah,blah..... What would you have done? HaHaHA

Nutritious and yummy Blessings to you my friends, Sue
P.S. What fun is it if you can't be a little naughty once in a while huh?