Friday, April 27, 2012

Thanks for stopping by.....

 Yes... the answer is yes.... I will continue to write on here. Thanks to all who have stuck by me during this weird time. I was having alot of issues with some really naughty comments being left on here and was about to throw in the towel so to speak. But My Blog means alot to me and I so enjoy writing on here. To have a few bad apples spoil the the whole damn basket just isn't going to happen. I have put a word verification on the comments so that automatic comments will be blocked. Pray this works.
 I can't even believe that April is almost gone. I wanted to keep with sharing from my book The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady.
 This poem especially caught my attention as there is a particular little mockingbird bird outside our windows that sings his little heart out almost constantly. Day and night. I think he has even got the sound of the guinea pigs down. too funny hahahahahahah
 My newest addiction. Hexagon piecing. I never in a million years would have thought that I would love doing this so much. I do love handwork though so I shouldn't be to surprised. I never had time before I guess...
 And so I never indulged in beginning. But now that I'm so aware of seasons in my life and understanding that the one I'm in right now affords me not only the time but the enjoyment.. I AM ADDICTED.
 We have been having  late rain storms here in San Diego. We are almost up to our average rain fall amount. Just 2 inches below, at 8 whole inches for the year.... hahahahahahah Can't wait to get to Georgia. I have always loved the rain. Do you happen to see the heart in this picture??? Its just for you.....
 I will leave you with this beautiful flower that came in my bouquet and another thought to ponder.
Be true to your faith. Know what and in whom you believe and don't be swayed from it. Hold The Lord your God fast in your heart and remember always the truths He has revealed to you.
Until next time, Be Blessed, Sue

Saturday, April 7, 2012

What the Heck??

Where has the time gone? Seriously it seems like I was just telling myself that I had to wait at least a week until I added another post on here and then BOOM an entire week has already come and gone. It's not like I'm busy running around this week. In fact it has been Easter vacation from school and so that's probably why I have not been keeping an eye on the calendar as much. I have been spending a lot of time sitting at the ranch while Allison works the horses. She has a few new clients and is getting really busy!
 I was so not into keeping on top of things that I found my strawberries had gotten sick of waiting to become shortcake and grew fuzzy sweaters to stay warm in the fridge. I hate when that happens.
 We did manage to get Lily shaved this week. She is such a good girl. Just sits there and tolerates.
 Her under coat is so soft and downy, but very very short. I would love to mix some with some merino and spin it up. There are just to many guard hairs and it would be a HUGE pain to even get a enough for a little bit.
 I bought some tulips at the grocery. I have never, ever bought myself tulips. Weird huh?? They are so darn beautiful. When I was in Georgia this last February the daffodils were popping their heads up through the earth. I didn't see any tulips but am sure I just wasn't in the right spot. I will be planting some in my yard back there for sure.
 There are so many flowers that I am looking forward to growing when we get settled in. We only have one maybe two frosts a year here in my part of San Diego and some of my favorites need a few to be really fruitful. Lilacs being one.
This is the little squirrel who visits me at the ranch. I sit and stitch and she nibbles her way through just as much grass hay as she can. She is a chubby little thing and I'm sure she is a recent mommy as well. She has the cutest little hands and beautiful brown eyes. It is such a joy to watch and be part of her day.
I will write again tomorrow as I am sure I will have some alone time during our holiday. I do want to add a positive ponder.... Til then..then... Be blessed.