Sunday, July 19, 2009


This is the newest member of our family...... Cricket. She is a Bay Appendix Mare. She is 6 years old and my youngest daughters dream come true. Don't they look cute together. She is a bit under weight, but that is fixable fast and she is a sweet heart. She was here waiting for us when we got home. A gift from a very beloved lady friend.
So now you can see why the rest of our summer is going to be busy. She is staying at one ranch until she gets fatter ( too bad she can't eat my pies, or I could just give here some of mine) and used to Bug then we will be moving to another permanent boarding facility.

I'll show you more pictures as she fill out. Isn't she pretty?....
Wishing you the feelings of high calorie blessings without the high calorie consequences. tee hee, Sue

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Home again, Home again...Ziggity Zag......

I am always amazed at the beauty from above the clouds.. Really, not one other person sees this view and yet God made it so breathtaking. Just like the flowers in the field that no one ever sees and yet are perfectly made by him as well......... With Georgia behind me and California ahead I had time to contemplate my visit. It was just what a vacation should be.... With people you love....Somewhere you love to be... And restful, fun and peaceful. When I think of Georgia many things come to mind , first of all, of course, my kids and their dogs and home.... But then there are the things that just generally pop into mind like Peaches....
Carlye made fresh Georgia Peach Cobbler with vanilla ice cream... Oh my gosh..... YUMMMMM..

Magnolia Trees...... This one is in their front yard and huge and so green. We just missed the last of the blossoms but I was told that, along with the Gardenia bush at the start of the driveway, the entire yard was filled with a fragrance strong enough to make, even the toughest of Southern Belles swoon. I had my morning coffee over a snow white gardenia, floating in a glass dish each morning. Ahhhhhhh

Hanging Planters from every porch, spilling with colorful flowers... This is also an East Coast thing, I believe, I saw alot of them in New York state and Pennsylvania as well. You can't help but love the Southern charm it lends. It is so green there. Of course it rains alot more then here at home but the first night there we were welcomed by a lightening storm and gobs of rain. Then out come the toads.... which the dogs just LOVE to munch... Its gross I know but what can you do.

Front Porches and Sweet Tea... Sitting out on the front porch with a huge glass of sweet tea, visiting with your loved ones and listening to the cicadas.... Waiting for the first glint of light from the fire flys, as they start their evening rounds....
Being California raised I must say that sweet tea is definitely an acquired taste, but acquire it I did. I'm not talking Stevia, honey, or those little pink, yellow or blue packets of stuff we so liberally pour into our tea here. But the real honest to goodness sweet stuff SUGAR and lots of it. Mmmm, mmmm.
I took lots of pictures of the plantations and other pre -civil war buildings. I'll show you more later.
For now, I'm home and looking forward to the rest of the summer here. We came back to a little vegitable harvest and a suprize..... But that will have to be in the next post.... Til then
Enjoy your summer Blessings..... Sue

Friday, July 3, 2009

Five things......

I'm not sure if Ill have time to post again before vacation. We're going to Georgia. So I thought I'd leave you with these five things about me you may not know....... 1. When I was a little girl I had the biggest crush on Abraham Lincoln. I LOVED him. I read everything I could about him. I thought He was the most amazing man besides Jesus to ever walk the earth. I loved the facts of his growing up and used to picture him and me reading together by the firelight in some obscure log cabin somewhere. It wasn't really a romantic thing, looking back I think it was more respect.
2. I have always loved books. I read as often as I can, for as long as I can. I crave reading.

3. My most favorite book ever is The Holy Bible. Any translation is ok but MY Bible is a NIV Life Application. Its the one I go to every time.

4. One of my favorite things to do is look for old books. I go to the swap meet and thrift stores in search of the latest treasure to add to my collection. I love the smell, the feel and the thought of books. (I also like the smell of a new box of crayons but that's another story hee hee)

5. I decided long before I had my own children that I was going to make sure they could read well. (The best they could) My sister always had a hard time reading and I felt great pain for her struggles. I believed and and still do, that if you can read, you can do anything, go anywhere and be anything you want to be. My entire family now are readers. Yes!!!!!!!

Okay.... there you have it... 5 things..... Books.... Just one of the many facets in the gem of my life.
What are five things you want to share with me?? I can't wait to find out!!!!
Blessings until next we meet, Sue