Friday, March 27, 2009

Beause I love you......

I have been having a hard time again..... Damn Depression..... As long as it exists I will fight and I will win... NUFF SAID.............................................................................................................................. The other day I could not find my beloved Thomas ANYWHERE... Freak out !!!! This is THE cat. I love him. We have bonded... call me crazy but he follows me around like a puppy. I had another cat like this when I was around 20 yrs old. Cimmon was a lover too. He's been gone for a long time and I never thought I would attach to another kitty so much but at last Thomas ......
Anyway like I was saying I couldn't find him and I was getting desperate. You know when you start looking in places that are absolutely ridiculous. Like drawers, the shed etc. Then I heard an indignant sound coming from the kitchen.
He was ticked off at ME !!! Like " What was I thinking to close the kitchen cupboard while he was still checking things out" Too funny... Little bugger..... He is such a personality. And Thomas just so you know.... I do know that it was the girls who knocked the candy dish off the coffee table while you were having another of your before bed "psyco kitty" episodes the other night. And I thank you for talking the blame for them even though they were so fast to blame it on you when glass and Hershey kisses went flying everywhere. You are a prince.

This is some Merino/silk that I dyed while feeling rather funky. I would show you the roving but it didn't download for some reason. It turned out not at all as I had in my mind, Ok it turned out really ugly, But thanks to Susan who said " It'll probably be the one you like the best" I decided to spin 4 0z, to see if it is sell able. WOW!! She was right again... that girl...... The picture is rather light but its really turning out pretty.

While in Morro Bay I bought some Merino/ Kid Mohair. The picture doesn't do it justice at all
. Its really rich with black and deep gray. Beautiful!!!!!

I had some yarn laying around HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Imagine that Yarn... Laying around... At my house...... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...... It was some I got about a hundred years ago. Worsted weight, Lion Brand, Wool and Acrylic...... Anyway I mad these slippers for the heck of it. Sleepy Slippers.... For when Dads at work...

They turned out cute....
Thanks Susan.... My dear, dear , dear friend.... How I love you... Thank you for the call and the ever so gentle booty kick. Your amazing!!!!!!

Like another wise and wonderful women said once... In a Movie and she was a character and I can't quote her exactly but you'll get the drift....... I"ll not think of that now, I'll think of that tomorrow...
Blessings Sue

Friday, March 6, 2009

What will I eat????

Posting from a different no pictures but wanted to share this real quick.

Daddy comes home the other morning and as usual goes straight to the kitchen. He stands with his back to me opening the cupboard, closing the cupboard.... Moving to the refrigerator....opens the door and gazes blankly into the depths.... closes the door and returns to the cupboard...... opens the door and sighs.....

Me: "What are you doing?"

Him: "Looking for something to eat"

Me: "Hmmmm... Why don't you have a rice cake?"

Him: Turning to look at me as though I had just grown horns says" I'd rather eat a handful of dirt"

The funny thing is.... He would..... Too funny
Blessings, Sue

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sir Thomas

I would like to introduce you to Sir Thomas Warren. He came to me as a rescue kitty and he brought a few friends (lets see, worms, ear mites, testicular issues etc.) But I love him. He is the sweetest most dear little man. We found him yesterday sleeping with Jennifer's bunny Driveway (he was found in the driveway of her boyfriend) Is this not too cute. They climbed into the cage together to sleep. AWWWHHHHHHHHH!! I finished these socks as well. They are Blue face Leicester, spun in finger weight, 2 ply. I named the colorway Berries and Cream because I'm just that original. haha While knitting The girls and I were trying to come up with a more clever name, this is sometimes difficult to do, Since I gave this pair to Jennifer her name it is..... "Tongue after eating blueberries" ewwww gross. As droll as my name is I like it better, What do you think? hahahahahahahahahaha

Sometimes there is nothing better than a pink cupcake with sprinkles for no particular reason at all !!!!!
Another shot of Thomas sleeping while I knit. Did I mention how much I love him. He follows me everywhere even to the bathroom. He is a Lilac Siamese, and along with the breed comes his very loud and often meow. I haven't ever had a Siamese before and so while reading up I discovered that his crossed ( but amazingly beautiful turquoise blue ) eyes are genetic and "they" have tried to breed it, out but he has them for sure. It doesn't bother him at all. Please don't mind his ears, remember I said he came with a few " friends " we are in the process of evicting.

Whats that I smell, Little Fat ? Potato Bread fresh and warm from the oven? Smothered in poppy seeds and begging for a big slab of butter? Whats that Little Fat, You think I'm being mean to everyone by going on and on about how yummy this bread is? and that I shouldn't do that because its not a very nice thing to do? and they will wish they could have some? WHATS THAT LITTLE FAT??????? Oh Yeah!!!!! giggle giggle

Blessings Sue

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Old Town San Diego part #1

Even though I have lived my entire life in California and was subjected to much history by my parents, it wasn't until I had the amazing opportunity to home school our youngest that I became completely submerged in California History. As in every state, I am assuming, our children are required by law to pass an accredited curriculum on state history. I was able to teach this class to children for a few years. This has given me enough knowledge to be seriously dangerous.

The Kumeyaay Native American Indian people were the first to live in this area. When the first Spaniards got her they called them Dieguno.

Old Town is actually the "birthplace" of California and the first Spanish settlement. It was started at the base of "Presidio Hill" after Father Junipero Serra came in 1769 to build the first of 21 California missions. Each mission has a presidio to keep it safe. Interesting and fascinating stuff and well worth reading about.

The California missions play a big part in Ca. History and some say are quite controversial in the least. My opinion shall remain my own since I just want to pass this info on anyway. You can read much about it all at theSan Diego Historical Society website. Kumeyaay basket

What I really want to talk about is the clothing that the Spanish women wore during their time living here. ( You can click on the picture to enlarge it)

It was HOT and DUSTY here much of the time, and yet these women wore an amazing amount of fabric. This dress is wonderful. The bodice is attached by about a million hook and eyes, and can be removed for cleaning as can the sleeves. The whole bottom ruffle is also detachable and was worn to keep the dust off the actual dress.

Aren't these boots beautiful. And the stole.

And I wonder if you could go back in time and talk to the "fine lady" who wore these undergarments if she would be totally blown away that her private things would someday be hung so brashly on a wall for all to see. If everything else she would find out about didn't kill her first. "I do DECLARE" oh wait thats southern huh? hahaha

But seriously check out the needle work on this chemise. Click it to see close up. Its all crochet and absolutely beautiful. The ladies who work in this shop are really nice and more than happy to pass on all their knowledge. (There was a nice bench for Daddy to sit on while I was in there)
Ok thats it for today more later...... xoxoxoxo Bloom where your plantedxoxoxoxoxo
Blessings Sue