Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Quiet Sunday

There is an Amish proverb.... A task takes as long as it takes... So it seems does many "things" in our lives. I had a date with an old friend today. I lit some candles and brewed a pot of tea. We sat by the fire and enjoyed the afternoon in quiet fellowship. I am really happy at how long I was able to sit at my wheel. I have missed it!!!!

At times I had to stop and sit on the couch with my legs up. But I continued happily prepping fiber. Enjoying the fire and watching documentaries on TV. It was a great afternoon!!
My dear chickens are so confused. They started laying a few weeks ago and were going full speed ahead and then it got cold again. They have stopped laying for the time being. Darn it!!!
Now "they" say its warming up again... The poor little dears...

I have been working on a few things for my new grand baby. Trying to keep things "non-gender specific" is getting tough. I want to start a quilt but need to wait until I know for sure what colors to use. Here's a little peek for you, Carlye.. I'm using this little heart on all my things, its my iloveyoubaby. hee hee

So much for my downloading picture skills. haha this isn't the order I wanted them in, but oh well.

I dyed this particular fiber quite awhile ago. It's Fine Shetland. It's very soft. A gentle blue, a quiet lilac, and bits of brown.

I didn't name it. I think I was going to keep it. Now I know I am. I want to start making mittens so when I get to Georgia, I can play in the snow... I could also wear them here, if it stays this darn cold much longer.

Its nice to think about what your yarn will look like, and the project it will become.

I have a feeling this one is going to be a really pleasant surprise!!! The colors are coming out a bit unexpected..

Not sure when I'll finish it. Ill show you when I'm done. I am really trying to get the hang of this taking it easy... I usually multi-task EVERYTHING. I mean I used to multi task everything. Now I'm slowing down... I guess I'll be done when I'm done!!!!!
Blessings, Sue

Thursday, February 17, 2011


When my girls were small we had an entire library of children's books. Books are our passion. Being able to read is a gift I want each and every child who comes into my life to have. I live to sit and read to a child. To watch their faces as they fall in love with the written word. I have long had an attachment to Little Golden books. Remember this one??? This is always a good one for the tired, harried mommy who feels like she is being pecked to death by her chicks!!! hahahahahhah and My favorite favorite for sure.
These books are sturdy little books with beautiful, colorful illustrations and stories that are easy to improvise for even the youngest listener. And... they are priced right.
We had LOTS of them at hand and anytime was story time. It was always nice to be able to say "yes" when the girls would pick one out at the store and say " pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze"
As the girls grew and they're taste in literature matured we packed away The Little Golden books along with the rest of the storybooks. They are still lovingly tucked, safely away in the shed awaiting my grandchildren. Who are,by the way, on their way.....Well one at least......
Imagine my dismay, when while looking to buy a few of them for Paige, I was told that not only does Wal-Mart not have any in stock... they don't even sell them anymore.... WHAT....YOU'VE GOT TO BE FLIPPING KIDDING!!!! This is enough for me to stop shopping there altogether. Ok untwist knickers...... Maybe Target will have them..... NO.... AGHHHHH Whats this world coming to I ask you. The only books I could find at either place were cheesy little books that made no sense and cost way toooooo much..... Soooooo sad!!!!!and they were tucked way back at the back of the store...... tsk tsk.....(shaking head slowly back and forth)

Remember this helping daddy one... hahahahha cracked me up and you guys used to think it was so funny that the daddy in here smoked a pipe...when yours didn,t. hahahahahha He also cut hedges and some other stuff your daddy didnt do but we'll not go there!!! hahahah crack myself up.
Well not that anything like that has ever stopped me before. It looks like Paige and I are off on an excursion to the Thrift stores.

Jussssssssst as soon as we get over this creeping crud that has overtaken not only both of us but... all of us......

Un sniffuly Blessings to you, Sue
Oh yes these pictures of the little golden books where borrowed from random spots on the internet. I looked for copyright stuff, found none and so I used them.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Somethings Happening....

Somethings happening... I have felt this way before.. I have had a hard time placing it in an order that makes it easier for me to understand this time..Maybe it's because of my "life's situation".... Of course that's it.. It always is.
Change.... things are all different now. For the past few years I have been going through life altering events... some big, some small, Most of them huge!!! I squirm, and wiggle and try to rest in this fact. " I know the plans I have for you" my Lord says. And they are plans to prosper me.

I am a homebody... I love being home. I love all the "things" that I can do at home. Baking, cooking, creating, Making a comfortable and safe place for my family to rest when they come in from the storm of the world.
I have been in this "home" for almost my entire adult life. I have raised all my children here, pets have come and gone ( and been buried on the "hill") I even worked here, caring for children for 14 years as a day care. We have had home group here and praised God in our living room, we have fought here and made up here. We have LOVED hard here. We have worked out the kinks of life in these very walls..
I have seen the changes of the seasons (be that what they may) out these windows and know when to pick the oranges. My hill has shown me many years of yellow blossoms and many a child's hand has picked for me the same.
I know when the Santa Ana winds will come and that its usually sunny on Christmas day. I know that Autumn has arrived when the feral parrot flocks arrive, squawking, from Mexico. I could go on and on and probably will in my journal..... but you get "the picture"

Seth is retiring... In less than a year.... We are leaving here... We are starting anew.... I'm a homebody remember.... change freaks me out...... I kick and scream when things are not settled around me... I know I have so much more of my life to look forward too. but to tell you the truth..... I AM SCARED... There I said it. I have so many unanswered questions.... What will my new home be like? Will I have a lemon tree? Will the weens be happy? Will Thomas run away or get eaten by some strange creature that lives in Georgia that I don't even know to protect him from? Will I love my new church? How will I get my chickens there? Do we sell first then buy? or buy first then sell? AGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
I HATE TICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And then..... I settle..... and think calmly that MY FAMILY is the most important thing in my life, Besides my faith. God has blessed me with three wonderful, healthy in mind and spirit daughters, a husband that surpasses anything I could have ever asked for, a son in law that loves and cares for my daughter like I do. and now through their love has come a new life and and another person to our family... YEP, I'M GONNA BE A GRANDMA!!!!!! PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!
Ahhhhh I feel better now.. I am looking forward to going. I love it there. Not only is is beautiful but its so full of history. I love the southern charm that it has the potential for. I'm excited to see what this season of my life will bring. and at the same time.... Life is interesting like that... isn't it. And all the while god knows the plans He has for me... so its all good. And there's a grand baby to squeeze... yayyayayyyaya
Thanks for listening.... blessings to you.... Sue :) gotta go bake something!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Is there a theme lately????

Allison wasn't "feeling well" today and so I thought it would be nice to just hang out and be together and enjoy out time together!!! Which, we seem to do anytime we are together!!! The weather is rather chilly here. For our area.... its cold....So what is better than some yummy, fresh baked cookies.
I have become quite enamoured with Paula Deen lately and was going to try one of her choco chip cookie recipes but Allison beat me to the punch and came up with this Double Chocolate Chip Cookies off the computer. I have about a million Chocolate Chip recipe cookie recipes but I keep trying to find THE perfect one...... Lets call it a hobby or quest!!!!!
She kept it a surprise, well ok she....finally had to tell me when I badgered the crud out of her... She's a real chocolate girl... along with her sisters... so she made these AMAZING.... double chocolate cookies!!!!!

We lit a log... poured some milk and the rest is history!!!!!

When you have chocolate you gotta have milk...yes???
I really can't think of anything better than fresh baked cookies and ice cold milk.... except maybe fresh baked cookies and ice cold milk made for you!!!!!!! I love my girls!!!!
Stay warm, Blessings, Sue