Sunday, December 19, 2010

Okeedokee Im back again!!!!

Of course, once again, these pictures didn't come out in order.. but that's ok. I'm just going to give you a quick rundown to get us all caught up on whats been happening in my little corner of this big ol' world!! In fact these pictures are exactly backwards. I began this new project, which is very dear to my heart, as soon as I got acclimated to the drugs. hahaha
This is my couch companion. she is pretty much always beside me. Sassy.

As you can see the drugs are very strong. so strong in fact that this picture was downloaded twice. hahahahah No this was really a test to see if you were paying attention and you passed!!!

I'm using a beautiful pattern I found online called Lucille. Very vintage!! There is a bonnet that goes along with it . I bought my yarn from Knit Picks. 100% organic cotton. It is soooo soft, just right for a bring me home from the hospital, close to the tender new baby skin.

Again, progress in reverse.

And the beginning!!!

My first outing when I got out of the hospital was of course back to the Lab to get more blood drawn. I am on cumiden ( a blood thinner) to help keep my blood, clot free during my recovery. its a pain but worth it. After first said visit to lab, Seth drove me to Lindo Lake Park to watch the sunset. This is looking East.

This is looking West.

This is looking to my left.... At my wonderful husband and bestest friend in the whole wide world!!!

Oops see what narcotics can do...sorry

And this is my Banana Cream Pie Blizzard that I absolutely enjoyed almost to the last bite!!!! I was soooooooo good!

I have been eating rather well this time around. this is one of the dinners that Allison has made for me. Oven baked tilapia, mashed potato and steamed corn. Giant green salads!!! I'm being treated like a queen.

These are the flowers Jennifer and Allison brought to me in the hospital. These especially touch my heart as I had to have an emergency procedure done and had to lay flat on my back for an entire night. Every time I woke up these were all I could see. What a blessing !!!!

My feet's are under these yummy warm blankets. hee hee

And yuck, the tubes and wires protruding from me this time was double. Glad to be able to sign and seal this chapter of my book of life!! Onward to the healing!!!!
Blessings, Sue