Sunday, December 19, 2010

Okeedokee Im back again!!!!

Of course, once again, these pictures didn't come out in order.. but that's ok. I'm just going to give you a quick rundown to get us all caught up on whats been happening in my little corner of this big ol' world!! In fact these pictures are exactly backwards. I began this new project, which is very dear to my heart, as soon as I got acclimated to the drugs. hahaha
This is my couch companion. she is pretty much always beside me. Sassy.

As you can see the drugs are very strong. so strong in fact that this picture was downloaded twice. hahahahah No this was really a test to see if you were paying attention and you passed!!!

I'm using a beautiful pattern I found online called Lucille. Very vintage!! There is a bonnet that goes along with it . I bought my yarn from Knit Picks. 100% organic cotton. It is soooo soft, just right for a bring me home from the hospital, close to the tender new baby skin.

Again, progress in reverse.

And the beginning!!!

My first outing when I got out of the hospital was of course back to the Lab to get more blood drawn. I am on cumiden ( a blood thinner) to help keep my blood, clot free during my recovery. its a pain but worth it. After first said visit to lab, Seth drove me to Lindo Lake Park to watch the sunset. This is looking East.

This is looking West.

This is looking to my left.... At my wonderful husband and bestest friend in the whole wide world!!!

Oops see what narcotics can do...sorry

And this is my Banana Cream Pie Blizzard that I absolutely enjoyed almost to the last bite!!!! I was soooooooo good!

I have been eating rather well this time around. this is one of the dinners that Allison has made for me. Oven baked tilapia, mashed potato and steamed corn. Giant green salads!!! I'm being treated like a queen.

These are the flowers Jennifer and Allison brought to me in the hospital. These especially touch my heart as I had to have an emergency procedure done and had to lay flat on my back for an entire night. Every time I woke up these were all I could see. What a blessing !!!!

My feet's are under these yummy warm blankets. hee hee

And yuck, the tubes and wires protruding from me this time was double. Glad to be able to sign and seal this chapter of my book of life!! Onward to the healing!!!!
Blessings, Sue

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Turkey and Fat Noodles

So besides feeling rather clever for figuring out how to (finally) download the pictures in proper order. I feel quite happy with the fact that I just finished up an entire turkey on dinners and not one bite went "to waste" hahahahah. I was standing in the kitchen, actually sitting on a stool, picking the last of the turkey off the bones I had boiled down for broth and thinking out loud. " I wonder just how many turkeys and chickens I have done this too" when I decided to, instead of hand rolling these noodles, I"d break out my ever faithful kitchen aide attachment and make them this way instead.
I have been making some kind of something and ''fat noodles" for about as long as I can remember.

In fact I look forward to making a turkey just for this meal.

My girls have always loved them and Seth is crazy about them. I made them for my new son and he loved them too. yay.

There really is no set recipe for the noodles themselves, My mom taught me, the way her mom taught her and my grama learned the way her mom taught her and so on and so on and so on....

A couple cups of flour, a couple of eggs, some baking powder (that's the fat part haha) and some cold water. I have tried different recipes, using seminola flour and different types of flours but...

This is the one I always come back too. The older I get, the less reason I see for fiddling around with things that already work just fine!!!!

When roll them out by hand I use my pizza cutter to cut them and they come out much "fatter"
Almost like a dumpling, but not as dumpy...

This pasta attachment is cool. At first I got really stressed out using it because the noodles seem to come out really fast... But with time I figured it out. Set it on a lower speed and have a glass of wine. The combo seems to work great.

Hmmmm well so much for feeling clever since I downloaded the same darn picture...twice. hahaha

These noodles come out really long and I'll have to remember next time to cut them with the scissors half way through.

After I pick the meat off the bones, strain and remove the fat from the broth, I start adding back into the pot. Most always carrots, celery and onion... that's just poultry soup to me...

Tonight I had some mushrooms so I threw those in.
Then everybody gets just the bowl they want. I like more noodles and broth....

Seth like alot of turkey in his bowl. Anyway you have it, enjoy a green salad with it and it will fill your tummy and warm your soul with love.
Blessings Sue

Monday, November 15, 2010

Sunday trip to Julian

Once again I messed up the order that these are in but oh well... It took so darn long I'm simply NOT re- doing it now!!! We decided that since I'm locked into this whole 2nd knee replacement thing. hahaha We may as well get me out of the house while I can.... Of course you will recognise the trip sequence in reverse and all mixed up.. Bear with me.... I bought my two favorite things at the Cider Mill. Pumpkin Butter and Butter Toffee nuts. Oh Yeah!!
We stopped at Inaja, for a really yummy lunch. Allison made herself a custom ham, cheese, spinach and homemade pickle sandwich.... It was huge, but she worked it off with a hike all the way down to the creek, you know through all the bob wire fence and no trespassing signs... Ya that one!!

Of course we had entertainment with our dining experience.....

The birdwatcher is one of my favorite stores up there. I love to walk around inside slowly and think about all the cute things I would love to have in my yard and on my patio.

Of course we got the coveted Carmel Apple. Honestly, we have been getting these all my girls lives. I remember letting them eat them before lunch, this being one of my first parental decisions I felt sort of guilty about!!!! They would make a giant sticky mess and I loved watching them eat them as much as they enjoyed eating them. ( I made Daddy hold that apple just so, for the picture. I really wanted to take a picture of his cute little facial expression..but passed... can't press my luck hee hee)

I miss spinning so much!!! One of the things I'm looking forward to the most is getting back into this beloved art. These sheep belong to Janet and we actually buy Allison's goat for her FFA project from her every year.

This is an oak tree that I have loved for years. I wait to see it and look for it each time we go. Its just the perfect tree, in the perfect meadow..always, no matter what the day or what the weather.

and of course we stopped at Dudley's. I got a loaf of Apple Walnut bread. Its in the freezer right this minute. Awaiting my recovery mornings. To be served toasted and slathered in pumpkin butter. Oh yeah!!!

I always love seeing Smokey!!!! When Seth and I were dating he worked for the US Forest Service. He dressed up in the Smokey the Bear costume for a parade in my small town. I fell in love with him even more as I watched him walk around the park holding the hand of this cute little girl who was just in love with Smokey.

And where else except Southern California would there be extreme fire danger in November...I'm sure there are plenty of places but... These Santa Ana winds are killing me right now.

This is the spread we had for lunch. Custom made sandwiches, veggies and dip, grapes, apples and crackers... all made with love and care by Jennifer. What a wonderful, wonderful day we had. Carlye and Matt weren't there physically but they were in our hearts the entire time... as always!!!
Thanks for sharing my day with me..... More soon... Blessings, Sue

Monday, November 8, 2010

Rainy Monday Morning

I finally got my donut pan!!! I have been wanting one for quite awhile now and Jennifer and I stopped by Cost Plus Sunday, one of my FAVORITE stores, and there it was just waiting for me. And on sale too..... So this morning I awoke to the soft patter of rain..Do you really believe that??????.. I really awoke to the sound of Allison's stereo blaring something like this...Billy Bob loves Charlene... In letters three foot high and the whole town said the fool should of used red but it looked good to Charlene....blah blah blah.... and dogs barking and the girls laughing and all the lights on etc. you get the idea..but I regress... I'M TELLING THE STORYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!
So I really did look outside and see it was raining and thought to myself...Perfect... I'm making donuts. They turned out perfect. After the girls left, I put a log on the fire, lit some candles and mixed up some blueberry batter. While still hot from the oven I put them into a baggie with powdered sugar, and brewed a pot of coffee.

Seth came home just in time. We sat and talked and enjoyed our coffee and donuts and fire. Best start to the day ever!!!!!

Now he is jogging, Henry and Pearl are singing their sweet songs to me, I took a darvocet, and I'm going to do some stitching. In front of the fire, with the candles, and maybe donut.... they are baked remember!!!
Blessings, Sue

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Blessed Motherhood

I have been blessed with three of the most wonderful daughters a mother could ever ask for. From the moment I found out they were in my tummy I was deeply in love. I made a conscious decision to give each one of them the best of me I could. Now that they are older I am definitely reaping what I sowed. I have an amazing relationship with each one of them. This is a picture that was taken a few years ago of my oldest daughter Carlye and me. This is pretty much my favorite way to be with all of them. I'm a VERY huggy mom. This last weekend was her birthday and her being in Georgia and me in California meant that there was no way I could give her a birthday hug.
Imagine my joy when I received a text message on the night that she and Matt were celebrating her special day. She said she wished I was there and could join her in one of my favorite pass times, sitting in front of a cozy fire with a nice glass of wine. (with people I love is a bonus)
She sent me the above picture....
I quickly sent her this one...

She sent this one..... And so thanks to our cell phones, we were able to share a really special time.
It sure made it a better day for me. Its cool to be able to share moments with pictures right when things are happening. It's not at all a good as a giant squeezy hug, but it makes it easier to be apart. ( I got a new "texting" phone and I'm getting pretty darn good at it!!! hahahhahah)
Blessings, Sue

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Count Down, and Working Hard.

It has been so hot here lately. Just today it was 99 degrees. The weather is however, supposed to give us a bit more Autumn feel come this Monday. This is where I spend alot of my time. This is Allison and her horse Cricket. Ont this particular day she was working Cricket to keep her head down.
Running in the round pen and doing really well!!

Still keeping her head where she's supposed to!!! Don't they look great together?

I'm enjoying being out here as much as I can. My next knee replacement surgery is set for November 24. The day before Thanksgiving, and for this I am very grateful. The countdown has begun. Blood work, EKG and pre- op appointments begin tomorrow. It will go by fast, I hope. Then after the recovery time I will am looking forward to resuming my life again... This time with less pain and way more mobility!!

And after the work is done, Paige gets to ride the pony. Cricket knows she has a baby on her back. She becomes so gentle and calm. Paige puts her little hands up behind her head and enjoys the ride. I am so blessed.
Hopefully I will get in a bit more baking and some canning in before the surgery. My knee is going down fast and I find myself on the couch more and more again.
Life is good.. Blessings, Sue