Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween !!!

These pictures downloaded backwards but you get the idea!!! Happy Halloween.....
Susan and I are off on a road trip. I'll be back early next week. Going to see my Mom and meet my new niece-in-law and my new grand-niece. And of course have fish and chips in Morro Bay and visit Morro fleece works and hit a few wineries in Paso Robles. I'll fill y'all in when I get back.
Til then lots of Blessings your way, Sue

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ahhhh..So this is the reason.

About a week before I went to Georgia I spent the night in the ER. having the pad of my finger sewn back on. Yep I do everything really well. That's why they call me genius. That is also why I didn't blog for awhile. It has healed really well. I have feeling in it, which is one thing the Dr. mentioned I may loose. So all is well with that..... Jennifer made the most amazing muffins for us. My girls are all pretty much genius's too. The apple doesn't fall too far from the ol'tree. ( I pretty much milked the finger thing for all it was worth, no dishes, I couldn't even sweep for awhile,wink wink... you get, it right) Spinning however was pretty do-able though. Knitting was not too hard once I figured out how to catch the yarn right. (I knit continental)
Jennifer and Seth went hiking up to Vulcan mountain Sunday afternoon. You drive through Julian to get there, which is a beautiful little mountain community. We usually try to avoid going there during October however, since ti is Apple Days there and everyone goes up to enjoy the Autumny environment. They have lots of "pick your own" orchards and fun entertainment things for the family.
They did find a lovely fruit filled tree on one of the trails and brought these little gems home for us . Aren't they pretty. and soooo sweet. Most definitely, God's candy.

They also stopped in a place called Descanso on the way home and brought me back this wonderful surprise. Local honey!!!!!!! the lady they get it from sells two different kinds. The lighter is from between the ocean and Lakeside, and the darker (here) is from the wildflowers from Lakeside to Descanso. It is a total treat and just in time as my other bottle is almost gone.
I love Autumn. This is most decidedly my favorite season. The crisp morning air and the brilliant blue sky. I love the colors and the smells. The feel of the air and everything pumpkin. The heat of summer can almost be a pleasant memory. I can again enjoy my afternoon cups of tea, and look forward to having a log in the fire soon. Yes... all is well......
I bought these acorns in Historical Newnan, Georgia. We put them in a bowl with Carlye's other gourds while there and now they have they're own bowl here with me. Aren't they cool.

There is a poem that keeps playing in the back of my mind... I'm not sure how it goes for sure but something like this....

Where ever I stop to rest.... It seems I like my own home best.......
Yeah I like that . Even if it isn't quoted correctly. This is how I'm feeling today... Happy to be here... Right here.... Home....

Blessings, Sue

Monday, October 13, 2008

Suzy Crepe Maker ????

I am NOT !!! I have wanted to try making these cool Swedish pancakes for awhile now and found a mix for them at Whole Foods awhile ago. In my mind it is a cool autumn morning, just me and this extremely handsome guy, home for a romantic brunch. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

This is the first batch. Okay not a problem... The first of every other "pancake" breakfast are put aside and eagerly awaited by the weens. They know there coming soooooooooo.... This is about as good as they got. They poured into the pan just like planned. It was the turning over part that kinda messed up. (This Crepe filled the pan perfectly... I promise)
So as it was so politely asked of me in between slurps and finger licks. "Hey whats the difference between these" (jelly covered finger pointing down to his plate) " and those over there?" (Freshly licked finger pointing to the weens plate) "They're all ripped up the same"
That I remembered the really great bran muffins from yesterday in the fridge. Oh Well. It was fun. I'll try again later... There are plenty of autumn mornings left.
Blessings, Sue

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Back from being ......well..... gone!!!!

It has been awhile, no? Not really intentional. I was able to go to Georgia to visit my oldest daughter and my wonderful son in law. I had an amazing time..but.. more on that later. Yesterday was one of those days that you never want to forget. We spent the day at the zoo. The weather was absolutely PERFECT. This is us in the sky tram. Yes I made him promise not to shake it.haha
The giraffe's were so close. I think this is a cute picture. I love how they had their necks all wrapped around each other.
This guy looked like a few other spinners got to him before me. He is a Guanca from South America. I would really have liked to get some of his coat. He has the same thoughtful eyes as the alpaca.
Really, I could have touched this girl. Being the mature adults that Seth and I are, we were talking about the gap in the fence that we "could" squeeze through. Also being the mature adults that Seth and I are, we knew that it was not only against the law but that it would be my luck to tick it off and get trampled. Sooooo............... hahahah
and this is the man and his beautiful daughters. Am I BLESSED or what????????????????
We had a great day and since we got our year passes we will have many more.

More later.... Count yours...Blessings that is... Sue