Sunday, February 12, 2012

Some Detective Work.......

I found the project I'm taking with me to Georgia. It's a pattern I bought from posie gets cozy. It's called the Daisy Chain Alphabet. I'm in love!!!! My daughter Carlye and her husband Matt bought me  a ticket for my birthday to come back for 10 days. I'm soooooo excited.
 Since moving the couch over by the counter we have had a bit of a problem.
One of our wiener dogs climbs up onto the counter and looks around for anything even remotely edible.

Paw prints

 I decided the other day that I was going to find out just who the culprit is. So I sprinkled flour all over the counter top and went to take a shower.
 When I came out NOTHING..... Three innocent looking weens sleeping peacefully on the floor in front of the fireplace....... Then I had to run to the high school to pay for Allison's cap and gown. Yep she graduating this June... My baby.......
 The above pictures are what I found when I came home. YES!!!!! Someone was busted.... I finally was going to know which of the little brats was guilty... I checked every ones feet for flour bits.....
AND FOUND NONE....... I still don't know who it is. I'm guessing it's Bailey, the little girl on the left. Don't by any means let their cuteness fool you.... They are sneaky!!! Thank you so much for coming by to visit my little blog. It really means a lot to me!!!
Blessings, Sue

Monday, February 6, 2012

Nothing clever comes to mind...

Time has once again gotten away from me. While my perspective has been a bit off of late, everything else seems to have kept right on keepin on. I'll do a quick update.
February has come, bringing with it much sunshine and warm breezes.
And allergies.
Rain is in the forecast, however and I am ready!!!
 I did some much needed sugar cookie therapy.
 Hearts and pink piggies.... yum
 Snoozin and treats..... treats and snoozin....
 MY POTATOES CAME UP!!!! I didn't think they were going to do anything at all. Charlie had even brought me a dried up little seed potato that she captured, so I assumed they were all dead. But nope..... First time growing potatoes... yay
I baked some really yummy muffins from a recipe out of my new 1947 Better Homes and Gardens cookbook I found at the swap meet. I am left asking myself, Why I try to come up with new and improved baked treats? and the saying If it ain't broke... don't fix it...
I'm really not sure why I have never thought to buy a primrose for the window!!! I am amazed at it's beauty.
 A bit of retail therapy while buying necessaries. I found this little fountain for $9 and my violets are enjoying it as well.
 My mint is doing extremely well in the bay window. I have had to pinch it back twice already and not an aphid in sight.
 We had a noisy and happy slumber party here. It was fun....
OK that about does it. I can relax now.... Sorry for the gap... It's not that I don't think about writing on here all the time.
Blessings, Sue