Sunday, February 24, 2008


I thought you might enjoy seeing the beautiful bouquet I got this year. Not quite valentine, not quite birthday. Its really nice having a schedule like ours. Holidays never really get celebrated on the exact day of the event. So you can ... if you play it right... celebrate more than once and even sometimes stretch it out for several days. They have lasted a really long time. Though a couple of really gloomy storms. Okay, now let me preface this with two things..
First: This is not a set up and
Second : I'm still getting the hang of my camera so the pictures are kinda fuzzy...

This is the night before last. While watching tv we noticed Buster, asleep, using my spinning wheel as a pillow. Too cute. ( he's the one who is having problems with his back legs)

This is the same night, a little bit later, after Buster woke up and Lily moved in. Since Buster can't walk and is getting ALOT of attention everyone (dog wise) thinks that where ever he is, is the best spot to be and they wait for just the right time to move in. ( she saw us sneak the camera, which woke her up)
And this is me..... Notice that I am not using it for a pillow. I have found a better use I tell ya. haha
And this is pretty much what it looks like from my angle on any given night. I love the company. Cute huh???
Celebrate ! Blessings Sue

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Here..... Sheepy, sheepy, sheepy

A few nights ago I was dragged reluctantly from my slumber by a vague gnawing feeling below my ankles. The closer to the surface of consciousness I came, the more I realized that my feet were FREEZING !! AGGGGGGGHHHHH.... Since my human foot warmer, I mean dear husband, was at work.... I threw myself from under the warm covers and dived for the warmest , most beloved pair of socks I own. These socks are wonderful. I bought the fiber while in Pennsylvania and spun the yarn myself. Then knitted them into being. I LOVE THEM........
While laying there letting my mind drift, I was thinking of just how amazing this all is. You know, God gave us the sheep, We raise and love the sheep and in return they give us their lovely wool, that kept them warm all winter long, For us to make into someting to keep us warm all winter long. Or something like that. You get what I mean, right??? This is Freckles. She is a corridale whom Sheena owns, cares for and loves.
And these are her pen mates ( I'm so sorry ladies but at the moment I can't remember all your names)
This is the wool that Sheena got from Freckles and gave to me. Is it not, the most beautiful fiber ever? It feels as wonderful as it looks. It is heavenly white and marshmellow-cloud soft. I wish you could feel it. (This wool was sheared and sent away to be cleaned and pin-drafted.) This is some of it spun up. It is a dream to spin. Thinking of who Freckles is and where she was born, and where she is living now makes it all the more wonderful for me. I'm not sure what I will make from this yarn, but I know it will let me know what it wants to be. I will be happy to show you pictures of the finished yarn when I'm done with it.
Thank you Sheena for the great day. I came home refreshed and inspired, oh and stuffed with the best banana bread you've ever tasted.
Blessings til later then, Sue
Added later: Sorry Sheena, Freckles is a Columbia not a corridale.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Changes.... nothing more than changes......

Oh wait was that supposed to be feelings????? hahaha Remember yesterday when I said all that spring fever was a tease?....... Wellllllll..... This is what I see out my windows today. Rain, blessed rain.
Wind and rain. Thunder and rain. Lightening and rain.
I really do love the rain. Who knows what tomarrow will bring. Enjoy every minute of your day. Without sounding too corny (It is Valentines Day after all) Remember that you are loved. Not only by me but by people who you may not even think.
Happy Valentines Day!!!!!!!! God Bless You, Sue

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Spring Fever...... Already??

Living in Southern California does have its blessings (ok MANY blessings) This is what I wake up to at this time of year. From my bedroom window, the back hill comes alive with what we affectionatly call "sour grass" Pretty little neon yellow flowers that grow on a long stem from a bunch of clover and filled with the most sour "juice" you can imagine. I know this first hand because when I was little my siblings and I probly ate enough of them to have permantly puckered mouths. They smell so fresh and springy that you just want to tuck in your nose and inhale hard. That kind of smell.
When my girls were little I told them that I loved these flowers and so of course one of my favorite memories is that of a little fist thrust proudly into my face, over flowing with yellow, spring time and love followed by a little voice stating " These are for you, momma" Needless to say I always had glasses, jars and whatever else I could find filled to overflowing with them. (If you eat to many of these at once you can get a real stomach ache) and so I told my girls just what my mom told us so they wouldn't eat too much " The reason they taste like that is because the dogs pee on them" Mean huh?? Didn't stop us ....... or them...haha "My Tree" begins to bud as well and the fever sets in. Though I have been here long enough to know that to start planting too many things now is just for not. Because you see these days are just a tease and soon we'll have weather back in the high 60's and fog and hopefully more rain. (we do need rain here, always) And honestly I'm not altogether ready to stop having fires in the fireplace yet ......
(I got a new camera and so am trying lots of different things. Bear with me ok)
" Honey bees are social insects and live in colonies. Each colony is a family unit, comprising a single, egg-laying female or queen and her many sterile daughters called workers. The workers co-operate in the food gathering, nest building and rearing the offspring. Males are reared only at the times of year when their presence is required." --Bees of the World---

"It takes honeybee workers ten million foraging trips to gather enough nectar to make one pound of honey" --Bees of the World--
I have had very many cats in my lifetime, but none have grown more attached to my heart than 'Sassy'. She is a most amazing little personality. She is everything I presume a cat should be. Absolutly beautiful, her coat reminds me of the sky in many different moods. An ominously grey day filled with heavy dark clouds,which means, a fire in the fireplace, and my self snuggled up and knitting away and a bright spring day with puffy white clouds floating happily on their way, which means me sitting on the patio with the warm sun on my back, spinning away. And her eyes are just the most amazing shade of green.(which is also my favorite) She has really been through alot too, this girl. Amoung the many things being that she has lost her front left leg, and dosn't even know it's gone.
Okay your probly thinking is this the thing that won't shut -up. But I feel rather rambly today as so thought I'd take you with me. It's been fun. Until next time.... Blessings, Sue
Note added: If you scroll over the pictures and a little hand shows up, you can click on it to make it larger.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Even though my LoveInterwoven business has been on vacation (put on hold) since the car accident I was in last June, I havent exactly been sitting idle. My spinning and dying have slowed way down but a girl can still knit, can't she? Some days are slower than others but I have managed to complete a few more things than I have started. I thought I'd show you a few.

This is one of the Elizabeth Zimmerman Jackets I have made. I used Plymouth, Encore, worsted weight. I believe it's 75% acrylic and 25% wool. I love this yarn. Its is really nice to work with and great for gifts because of its durability and ease of care. The addition of the wool make it feel less plastic than most acrylics I have used ( a long time ago)The cost is just right as well. Using the worsted weight made this jacket turn out to be a toddler size. Probly for a 2 or 3 year old. I did not extend the sleeves though you could quite easily with a little more planning before casting on. (I have read of several people who have and like it alot)

This is a close up of the neck line and shoulder arm seams, I used a single crochet closure and like the way it looks.

In October, Our friends were blessed with a beautiful baby girl. At the time I started this we didn't know boy or girl so I decided on this Classic Raglan Sleeve Baby Sweater.
I used Lion Brand Cotton Ease, and again I love this yarn. Its felt great in my hand and is soft enough for a baby. Washable and classic. I believe it's worsted weight as well.

This is close up of the hem. I changed the pattern a bit.

I downloaded the pictures backward. This one was supposed to be first ( oh well)
I hope you enjoyed seeing these projects. I'll add more later. Right now my fingers are goin rather numb. I'm freezing.

Enjoy your days, Blessings Sue

Monday, February 4, 2008

Too much thinking going on?????

We have had a busy week. It started off with the flu and a cold and ended up with a romp on dog beach. I especially like this picture with all the feet!! Gus and ball leading with Allison and Lily close behind.

There are times when I'm ready to load it all up, pack it into a moving van and find someplace new. A fresh start, somewhere... you know... Where the grass may be greener? hahahaha
And then I get back to my senses and think about just where it is that I live right now. We just had a wonderful winter storm. Rain, cold wind, fire in the fireplace and temps dipping rather low for here ( it's really 56 degrees right now) My poor sister in Idaho is snowed in.

These pictures were taken at Mission Trails after the storm. The creeks are full and it really is beautiful. And whattya know the grass is even kinda green.
More later....til then Blessings Sue