Sunday, April 27, 2008


This may seem more than a little corny............ But I want to "catch-up" fast.......... Bear with me. hahahaha
10. Days that Seths has been home with his back hurt. Though He's getting better it's taking a lllloooonnnngggg time. He's walking alot now and is completely over the grumpy part. Yeah!!!!!!!

9. Weeks until my oldest gets married. She is doing all the work since shes in Maryland. WE talk on the phone every day with new ideas and plans. I'm honored to be making her veil. The man she is marrying is wonderful and I'm so excited for their life together.

8. Eggs. Every single day!!! We are able to give them away to our friends and still have a refridgerator full.

7. Loads of laundry... still....waiting...

6. Months to knit socks before my piggies get cold and need them. I have finished 3 more pair which I will show you later. They are really nice.

5. Weeks until Neen goes to work in Maryland. She is very excited and is really looking forward to working with all those kids again.

4. This is about the number of pies I have made since a friend of mine showed me her way of making pie crust. This has always been a challenge for me . Again I have pictures I'll show you later.

3. Weeks that Buster our little weiner dog has been walking again. He injured a vertebre in his back and was completely paralyzed. (since December) God has answered our many, many prayers and with the help of our loving vet and totally comitted family He's walking again. It really is a miricle.

2. New baby lambs that have been added to Sheena's family. Again I have pictures but will show you later, you can go to her blog and see them now if you want. We went up and enjoyed the afternoon with her. And checked out a few babies that I may get. More again later.....

1. Happy me. Now that I have this written I feel alot more relaxed. Sometimes things get going around here and then when I want to write there seems to be so much to say I just skip it. Oh well... For those who it may concern.... NO MORE DAMN EASTER EGG.... HAHAHAHAHA

Love and Blessings to you all.... and leave a comment so I know your here..... xoxo Sue