Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lets leave judgement to the Big Guy.........

Remember that old saying "You can't judge a book by the cover"?

Seems I was a bit hasty in my conclusions to the possible outcome of this yarn. I may have mentioned this before, I can't remember off hand but I was disappointed in the outcome of this particular batch after dye day awhile ago...... Still being the loving "mother" that I am I spun it up into a 3 ply fingering weight using the "Navajo" technique to keep the colors as separate as possible. This was dyed in a pot and so the "too many" colors that I added became "way too many" as the dyes ran together.Turns out that these are now one of my favorite pair of socks. Though muted, the colors became rather beautiful as they changed while knitting from one to another. The different and varied shades of greys, greens, beige's,corals and blues is really quite attractive and I feel like I couldn't reproduce this if I tried..... though if you know me well, you know ....try I will since I have extensive notes. mu..aaaa...ha...haaaaaaaaaa. You can click on the picture to enlarge.

I have been rather busy.... this is the latest. I am trying hard to get the colors to come out accurately. Photography is not high on my list of stuff. But I try.
This is 100% merino dyed in a Pansy colorway. I split a 4 0z. roving into half long wise. Spinning 2 0z. into a 3 ply light fingering weight. I got 266 yards. I'm pretty happy with that. I'm beginning socks this evening and will keep you updated.

Again trying to keep the colors right. This yarn is really beautiful.
For most of the winter I have looked at empty egg cartons sitting on top of the fridge. Overcoming the temptation to " just throw them out". Glad I didn't as they are all now full and inside the fridge, holding gently onto these little gems. I have had chickens forever. I love my eggs. They are not only pretty but they taste amazing. (I had some scrambled just this morning)
It makes me feel good to feed them to my family and give them to my friends. And now that I've had "that " big birthday and actually give a crap that free range eggs have less cholesterol its really nice....
Wishing you low cholesteral days and many blessings, Sue

Friday, April 17, 2009

Good Morning !

What a great way to start the day. A walk in the yard, A hot cup of coffee, The gentle touch of the sun, And all the sounds and smells of a crisp spring morning. Good Morning blessings to you for your whole day........ Sue

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just Stuff

One night when Allison and I were home alone I asked would she mind making dinner. Now some moms would settle for macaroni and cheese from a box and maybe some frozen peas, which I would have gladly done. Especially if it comes from one of our adorable offspring right?....... But check out the meal I got......... Baked salmon seasoned to perfection with seafood herbs and fresh lemon slices, spinach stuffed ravioli in a light butter/ garlic sauce and salad with all the right vegis and my favorite Italian dressing. All from scratch, no less. Okay... Is she not amazing or what?.... And am I not silly for not having her cook more often? And yes I do still complain about her laundry being everywhere and the dishes not getting finished all the way.. It's my job right.

These next pictures are not in order, you see this is the finished product... I ended up using the gull lace stitch for these baby alpaca socks. After this........

We were babysitting our friends bull dog and he and Lily had a blast with my knitting. I woke up to this on the floor with all but one needle snapped.... ( No animals were hurt in the filming)I found the needles, size #0's or pieces thereof. None went into the tummies of said beasts.

The wisteria is in bloom. This is not mine... This is at the ranch. Our friend has a serenity garden there and I am blessed to have access to it whenever I want. My mom has wisteria on her front porch and I used to sit out there and dream my teenage dreams. Never in all of them was I so blessed as I really am. Someday I will have my own wisteria.......

While Carlye was Morocco she found this beautiful handmade bag. While in Georgia this last Fall she gave it to me. I love bags, I love hand-made I love things stitched by other women.... I knew I would have a good use for it eventually and for now it is going to hold and protect my new laptop. Thanks Took. I try to picture the woman who stitched this. I wonder about her thoughts, her life. How she felt and still feels about her life, her world, and her passions. Interwoven??? Yes perhaps we are??? In fact, We are...........
Blessings Sue