Friday, September 30, 2011


BEFORE:  My dear friend for many, many years and I share a love for plants. We have enjoyed many hours talking and buying and planting out flowers together. I love going to her house and seeing how "everybody" is doing. She gave me some of her shamrocks quite awhile ago, and I have managed to keep them not only alive but flourishing!!! While in Georgia they got a bit less attention than they are used to and looked a lot worsse for wear. Luckily, the have responded again, to my care (hahaha) and are doing great. They are even giving me a coule of blooms.
 I decided that I am sick of the terra cotta plastic pot they are in and not wanting to transplant them right now, I decided to paint the pot with some Folk Art shiney acrylic. It worked GREAT!!! I highly recommend it. In fact I have a few other pots I'm going to re-do.
AFTER:  See the difference. I love how it turned out. It almost looks like glass. You dont have to prime the pot first as the water can't soak through the plastic. If you paint real terra cotta though you will need to seal it or the paint will bubble up when you water it. 
Carol also brought me another shamrock from her yard. this one is one that she got from her Dad who got it from her Grama. I have some bulbs that she brought by yesterday of 2 different types of shamrocks that she bought through the mail. I will be planting those in pots later today. I can't wait to see what the turn out to look like.
Enjoy your weekend. Concentrate on the blessings and appriciate each and every one.  xo Sue

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cinnamony Kinda Morning

I had to get up at 4:30 this morning to drop Allison off at the school for her Senior trip to the Ag college's here in California. I had my 2 cups of coffee before the sun was even up and started working in my sewing room. While Daddy snoozed I decided I wanted something cinnamony. I'm just that kinda girl....
 I lit one of my new Bath and Body Works candles, that by the way are amazing... and made up a batch of my sweet bread . I put the raisins in the dough. I have never made "monkey bread" before and now I know the reasons why but I'll tell you about all that later. hee hee
This is the basic set up....
 I rolled the dough into little balls and let them sit for a bit... just until they were all rolled.....
 Let them take a swim in a big bowl of warm BUTTER... yes... Tooky.... REAL BUTTER...
 Then I rolled them around in this beautiful cinnamon/sugar blend. I quickly went from this plate to dumping the whole mess into a plastic bag and shaking them up. It was way to messy and the butter/sugar got to blobby.
 I placed them in a bread pan.And poured the rest of both the butter and sugar mixture over the top of the whole thing.
 See how they blobbed out of the pan. Kind of a problem. Although they turned out really yummy, there were a few issues that I didn't like and why I'll just go ahead and make regular cinnamon rolls next time.

1. I used way to small of a pan. You really need to use a bundt type pan so they have more space to rise both in the oven and before you actually bake them.
2. I didn't let them rise enough and therefore the middle ones were really doughy and inedible. They really do need to raise before you bake them for a good 1/2 hour at least. The larger pan will also help with this problem.
3.  If I am going to go through all the trouble to make the dough and roll into balls and bath in butter and slather in cinnamony/sugar delicious  ness I will just go ahead and make regular cinnamon roll shaped rolls. It was alot of effort.
 Emmaline's hat is coming along. Want to get it done for the great pumpkin patch photo op. hahahah
The breakfast of ...champions... I mean.... roly poly girls everywhere. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm. If you have ever ventured to make these "monkey bread" and have any suggestions please let me know. And if you would like my sweet bread recipe I'll be happy to share... Just let me know in the comments.
Blessings, Sue

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Blessings to All !!!

I have to admit to having a rough time since being home. I am not happy that my family is still too far apart. I am, however , determined to "Keep Calm and Carry On" Deal?  
 As you can see my beloved milk bottle made it home safe and sound. True love is packing something into your carry on and guarding it the entire flight home. Even during plane changes. I also got a new table cloth. I love it. And, these are the flowers your Daddy met me at the airport with.Them and an ice cold bottle of blueberry/blackberry water, which was the perfect thing since we had record heat that day in San Diego and I was waiting out in it. Dumb traffic.
 I finally made my "server" I found the perfect candle holder and Michaels for .99 cents and you recognize the plate don't you??? I like how it turned out, And the bananas soon became.....
 Oh Yeah!!!! Georgia Banana Bread. After Emmaline was born, Carlye and Matt's dear friends brought us FOOD. One of the treats we were delivered was this homemade banana bread. I devoured it. It is THE BEST banana bread I have ever had. i have been trying to find the "perfect" recipe for just about ever now and at last I have it. Amy was kind enough to give me the recipe really fast and I had time to make several loaves while there. mmmmmm mmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
 I found a spot for my candle holders. At the end of the hall.
 And I wanted to share the diaper bag that I made for Carlye. Its made using the same pattern as the one I made for Molly, but each girls is custom.
I made a big pocket on the back and two smaller on the front.You can see how I divided it on the picture above the picture above. hahahaha
 Inside pockets and key holder.
And a close up shot so you can see the details of the handles and small zipper pouch that goes with it for "moms" personal stuff. I LOVE the way it turned out. It too, is being well used. Which makes my heart soar. 
Sunday blessings to you all. Sue

Friday, September 16, 2011

More than a baby blanket

 I'm so sorry it is taking me so long to get back to posting on here. I thought it would be easier to jump "back" into my life here at home. It has been a bit more difficult then I imagined. This is the granny square afghan I made before Emmaline came.
 I loved EVERY SINGLE THING about this blanket. I love the colors, and the new way I learned to join the squares. Its called a continueos join and its so fast and fun. I love that no two squares are alike.
 But most of all I love that "IT'S" loved.. Yep. being used from the very moment Emmaline came home. It actually hangs over the port a crib that sits in the living room. I have, so far, never enjoyed anything I have made for anyone as much as this afghan.
 From the very beginning thoughts of planninfg it, buying the  colors and each and every stitch, done with a prayer and LOVE.
 Being able to watch as Grandpa and Grandaughter get to know each other...
 And Daddy and Daughter fall deeply in love.
Yes.... This is the ultimate of what you hope for your gift, stitched with so much love and thought in it, to be used and loved and even maybe worn out.
More again soon....I promise....... Blessings, Sue

Saturday, September 10, 2011

So two days before I was supposed to fly home I was up in the sewing room, sewing away and Carlye called from downstairs telling me I had to come down. This is what was on the TV. A storm called Lee was coming up and through our very own Coweta county, Georgia.  OKAYYYYYYY..... This was my very first tornado warning. I'm not used to getting warnings. Having lived in California my entire life, and having an earthquake every now and then without so much as a peep from anyone. hahahahahahahah. We just sat and watched the rain and readied ourselves to go into the bathroom if we needed too. When I asked my dear son in law what we needed to do he told me that we could do one of two things. Go into the bathroom and get low...or..... sit down, put your head between your legs, and kiss your butt goodbye. HAHAHA NOT!!!
 We got though it all just fine. The next morning, while sitting in the airplane in Atlanta, it was hard to figure if it was the raindrops fogging my vision or the many as yet unshed tears for having to leave part of my family yet behind, again.....
 Up and Up and Up... right out of that storm and into the clear blue sky. It always amazes me to see that happen.
 I got to Phoenix, Arizona.... DRY.... HOT.... and DRYYYYYYYY and HOTTTTTTTT.
 And then on in to San Diego without a hitch. I was fortunate to sit beside nice people, and I read my book the entire way!!
I did touch down on a record breaking heat day and had to wait outside for Seth to pick me up.... But that was no ones fault well maybe we could blame it on the pilot in Phoenix who called in sick and we had to wait for a new one to be found.....or we could blame it on all the construction and no parking at Lindbergh Field... But wait I said no hitches didn't I.
At any rate I'm home again and so back on here!!! Thanks for your patience!!!
Blessings, Sue