Friday, January 10, 2014

Here I am in Georgia

Come take a walk with me around my new yard. It's more then a bit cold now so bundle up, I have a story to tell you. It doesn't always look like this, in fact "they" say its unusual for it to get this cold but cold it is.

 I have a pond now. At the moment it is quite frozen over. Somewhere under that ice are catfish and bluegill and even a bass or two. I hope they are keeping warm.
 We finally made it to Georgia last July and lived with my oldest daughter while looking for the perfect home. It didn't take long to find it and we were all moved in by the end of August.
 The trip across country from California was a real experience.  Packing, unpacking.... arranging, rearranging, getting used to a completely different environment and culture. Well lets just say its still a work in progress. Living in one place for my entire adult life makes the changes even more challenging. But I love it here and I feel like I am were I truly belong.

Almost everyday is a new experience for me. I am thrilled and surprised by the sameness and the differences all at the same time. I have seen birds I have never seen before, Cardinals and Tufted Titmouse and Carolina Chickadees and Nuthatches. The squirrels here a bigger with huge fluffy tails and  we have chipmonks! We even have a friendly little Possom who eats the dog food if we don't bring it in at night. I was blown completely away one morning looking out my kitchen window at a momma dear and her baby eating the grass down by the pond.

It's not just the wildlife that are so engaging here. I've met some wonderfully nice people as well. Of course I have been clicking away with my camera. But until recently I wasn't sure if I would start writing again on my beloved blog. I've missed it.
 I want to keep in touch with everyone in California and share my happiness with the ones I love.
 I guess I'm inviting you to join me in this next chapter of my life. The one that began when I drove out of my driveway in California for the very last time. Share with me my discoveries and thoughts and STUff. hahahahahah  Thanks for stopping by and come back soon.
Blessings, Sue