Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My Knight in Shining Armor

Last January or so we were able to be chaperone's for a field trip for A's class to a place called "Medieval Times" in Anaheim California. Right next to Disneyland for those of you who are more familiar with that. This place is fun. For girls and boys in very different ways. It has on display a lot of Knightly things. Swords, shields. Alot of Homeschoolers come for history (which we happen to be.) You enter a big arena and sit around the outside. They serve you a 1/2 chicken, a potato, and a sting cheese with a bottled water. It smells like horse. I'm sorry the romance was a bit not there at the moment its coming....... The arena is divided into colored sections for which you get to cheer on your Knight of the same color. Ours was the Yellow knight who just happened to be the cutest one of course. They have jousting and a whole program they perform. It's really fun. After each tournament the knight that "wins" is presented to the queen and given carnations, which he in turn takes to his admiring fans and with a kiss to the flower, he then throws it to the girls who need I say are swooning and SCREAMING to get a carnation. This guy was loving it.
In this photo you can see the King and Queen up in the upper left hand corner. It was all pageantry and very, very cool. these actors are amazing horsemen and very good performers. You can also see the stadium like seating in the background.
It was hard to take pictures. There was alot going on and it was very dark in there. And loud, lots of screaming and laughing. I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed watching the girls. I enjoyed watching the boys. It was quite different. And gladly so. That's why it is what it is.........

I like the differences. I'm a mom to girls. I don't get to see the boy side of things to often and it was refreshing. But now on to the reason................ I truly believe that deep in our hearts, sometimes hidden VERY deeply, there was or is, the hope of that knight in shining armor, that handsome prince, that really buffed out guy, who is going to come and see us in a whole room of other people and see only us, the true us, way down deep and we will be saved from whatever it is, and we will be carried away on the back of his horse , or motorcycle, or firetruck hahaha and rescued and live happily ever after. I saw it... In those girls faces as they screamed for the carnation ,kissed by the knight. I saw a gleam in the eyes of the boys who were thinking they could be " that guy" and have all these stupid girls acting like this over them. I saw the way those same boys looked intensely at the swords and shields.

And sadly I saw as we left the arena those same boys and girls, take off their paper crowns, and pull out their cell phones. But it's ok. it's there. I believe it. I know it....... Because.............
Today is my 26th wedding anniversary. And My Knight in Shining Armor did rescue me. I remember right before I met Seth, someone took great pleasure in telling me that they thought I was being too picky, that there were no knights in shining armor on a white horse and I remember saying that I would wait anyway.. I did...... And He came......
So lest you think I live in a total fantasy land. I don't. I will tell you that it's been a good life for me. Seth is an amazing husband. He is my best friend. We have been through alot together and grown closer through it all. He is an example of what Godly husband should be. As a father he is at the top. You have only to meet his daughters to see the example he has been in their lives. I am looking forward to to spending the rest of my life with this guy. I honestly can't get enough of him.
A good marriage is ALOT of work, from both of you. My grama told me give 90% and keep 10% for yourself. It seems to have worked really well so far. Don't go to bed mad. Keep the Lord the center of everything.
Hope this wasn't too long....... Blessings Sue

Sunday, June 17, 2007

I'm back in time for Fathers Day !!

A and Daddy have gone on a hike for the afternoon to Mission Trails. What better way for this Dad to spend his day then with his girl, out in the fresh air, working up an appetite for the amazing BBQ we have planned later this afternoon. They took the Lily for her maiden voyage. Don't worry girls you are in his heart as always and I'm sure he will be taking pictures to share which I will add on here shortly. Even though I haven't been blogging for a few weeks I have still been busy. This is my latest finished project. I spun this using a technique I found in the current Spin Off magazine. I am always eager to try news ways to work with color in in my spinning. While I like to dye pre-spun yarn to get different variegation's I am intrigued by how many different ways you can manipulate colors while spinning. This technique is called " The Fractal Stripe" One method of controlling the striping of painted roving by Janel Laidman. I like that it has a name, one that I probably won't remember and lots of mathematical calculating stuff too. Not that I can really get into that part of it and don't really. I just do it. Anyway you will really be able to see the striping effect when it is made into a fabric either by being knit or woven. I may turn this into a pair of socks.
Blue Face Leicester, Wt 3.8 oz. at 12 to 13 wraps per inch.

I've also been working a bit on this each night. I thought you might like to see. this is a very close up shot. It's not really full of holes. haha. I thought you could get an idea of the texture. This is some yarn that I spun a couple of years ago. It's beautiful, I think from Ashford, some top. I was wondering why I had just left it hanging on its peg looking pretty but not used. Weeelll about 2 minutes into the warping process I remembered that this is a mohair mixture and I am very allergic to mohair.... So I will finish it and love it from afar and gift it to someone who can tolerate mohair more than I.

I seem to go through color phases without even noticing it. I'm kind of on a purpley, bluey thing now.
Well going to close for now and I'll leave you as usual with many Blessings, Sue