Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Wacky Weather

 Just last week we had a bit of rain. I was so happy. It was blustery and cool and  most definitely Spring. We needed it and the fruit trees soaked it up. I don't have any veggies growing this year but I'm sure the folks who do were very happy.
 My blood Oranges need to be picked and juiced as do the rest of the Meyer Lemons. But... Man oh man.... Where is the time going. hahaha
 Then yesterday we had a heat wave. It got up to 103 degrees by 2 pm and didn't really cool off all night. Today I woke up early and took Bailey ( my ween) to the lake. We managed 2.3 miles. She began pooping out near the end,( I had to water the poor dear down ) but for the most part we beat the heat and got back home in time to turn on the air and start working here. Wacky weather for sure. Its not so hot today. It started to heat up but decided not to I guess. It's 86 degrees out now and its 1pm.
 I just love how I can show you these beautiful up close pictures of just about everything. This is another of my violets that are just a blooming away. The truth is, if you could walk into my home right now you may be shocked at all the disarray we have going on. Moving is a messy business and we have boxes to move to a storage shed and bags to donate to charities. The bathroom is getting it's finishing touches and the bunny is on the fireplace so she can stay cool inside.
 And if you think I sit around and stitch all day long. I really don't. hahahahahaha I just find that it keeps me a bit sane. Each and every little stitch goes and stays just were I place it and..... It looks so neat and tidy. My brain needs that just now. This is my new journal cover. I'm making it so I just have to pop another composition book in and off I go.
 And I found this cool bicycle on clearance at Micheal's the other day. Its going to look cute in my new home.
 Still working on my Hexie top. I pull it out every now and then and love working on it.
 My chickens...... Ahhhhh my dear sweet little hens and rooster. HEAVY SIGH.... We have decided that we just can't take any with us. It would be just a bit to much with 4 dogs and our geriatric kitty. We did find them a good home and they will be spoiled  as rotten as they are used to here. As it turned out the man and his wife, who came to do our tile in the bathroom are taking them. They fell in love.I really do feel good about that.
 Ive been busy getting my California fruit jams ready as well.
 I put up some strawberries from Ventura and Blackberries from up there somewhere ( I forget)

 And now my dear little Honey Crisps are going to become Apple Jam. I just love jam. Mmmmmmmmm
 Oh my Gosh... I almost forgot. I reached a very important goal recently, 50 lbs GONE FOREVER.... My daughter and her fiance showed up with these beautiful flowers, a yummy bottle of wine and balloons. Much joyous celebration was had!!!!

 I am so blessed.                Until next time, My prayer is that you are just as blessed. Sue