Thursday, January 15, 2009

2 posts...1 day...

I wanted to start adding some of our Christmas pictures, before to much time goes by and there are quite a few sooooooooo.... This is how winter looks in San Diego. This was actually December 23rd. Torrey Pines.
Braving the elements.... the water is truly COLD. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

No words necessary.

The La Jolla tide pools.

PATRICK.... No not really just Matt's very first star fish sighting.

More to come..Blessings, Sue

More Fooooood??????

While home Carlye made a baked Brie for us that we almost trampled each other to get our share. It was THAT good.... Well of course I had to get more and so this is what my version turned out to look like. It just wasn't the same Tooky... You just weren't here. sniff sniff.
Are these not the most beautiful vegetables you've seen. Thanks to Allison and her Agriculture class at school. They planted these in September and she harvested them and brought them home for us to enjoy.
There was red leaf lettuce and a bit of Romaine. $ big cabbages which I made into corn beef and cabbage (one of her favorites)Some broccoli which was the sweetest and best tasting broccoli I've ever had. In fact we just ate it all raw. And one little floret of cauliflower.

How blessed we felt eating all those fresh, "organic" homegrown veggies. I would love to try my hand at some of these next year.
I know that most of the USA is having terribly cold weather but here in SO CA its just amazing. In the mid 70's to low 80's. I really do love it. Rain will be nice but I'm enjoying this while it's here.
Stay warm and be Blessed, Sue

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ok Ok Here I am....

It's been rough for me the last few weeks....
It was amazing having all my youngins' home for the holidays. We had a great time. My mom was here and being around family is just the greatest. I guess when the build up is that large the let down is going to be hard as well.
Not to worry though, I'm looking at this as a learning experience. And I'm getting back in " the groove" of living regular again. I am sooo done with Christmas. I have some good pictures but you"ll have to wait.

Now let me just say... Thank you San Diego Chargers for the great excuse to have one more celebration.... Sorry we're not going to the AFC playoffs ( I had to ask Seth what was next... trust me I know next to nothing about football) But I can make a heck of a spread!!!!! And behold my little helpers hahahahahaha This is what the girls looked like after they finished the "great chocolate war of 2009" There were no losers however, they both "got it" pretty bad/good. Wish you could see the fronts of their shirts. The strawberries and pretzels definitely came out on top.


YUMMMMMMMMMMM.......... Notice the beautiful green bowl set in the lower right hand corner. Matt got my name this year and he has great taste!!!

And this is really why I love to have the game on. My sister in law sent me this beautiful alpaca yarn just before Christmas. The color isn't accurate. Its more yellowy. I found the coolest pattern in a new book I got myself for a gift called 2-at-a-time Socks by Melissa Morgan Oakes.
I'm not making two socks together though as I don't like the technique after all, but she has some really fun patterns and this one is going to be a favorite for me.

Well thank you for your patience and I'm wishing you many blessings this year.
Sue :)