Saturday, June 26, 2010

Make new friends, keep the old... and throw some out ?

I'd like to introduce you to my new friend!...Well not exactly, the exact new friend, but a picture of his/her distant cousin. This is a Zimmer New Generation High Flex complete knee joint replacement. As of May 10th. I have a new joint in my right knee!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is the view of my life on the afternoon of May 10. I had on these darling little booties that took turns smacking the heck out of the bottom of my feet, I'll tell you they drove me CRAZY. But they did their job and I never did get a blood clot!!! Actually they were "squeezing" me feet. Ha.. I received an injection of Sim visc in my left knee to see if it would make it a bit stronger during recovery, thats why its all yellow!!
I'm glad that along with myself, my doctors and nurses had a great sense of humor. Once they found out my initials... They had a great laugh and wrote them on my leg. hahahahahahaha

The next picture is not for the faint of heart. This is still when I had in the staples. I had 28 of them. Notice the lines and marks on my leg, these are the "line up" marks so my leg will be put back together correctly. I had alot of bruising and very much pain. I am still on pain medications and am not able to drive. The plus is that I have no more pain in my actual "joint" since the arthritis is gone now!!! I can walk, and stand on this knee and it feels quite stable and secure. I go to Physical Therapy once a week now,(it was 2) and I have learned alot!!!!!

This is the view I was able to enjoy over Fathers Day. My family has taken the utmost care of me, They are terrific. Seth was able to take off work and the girls helped with the cooking and house keep. Carlye came for about 10 days and I was thoroughly spoiled by her as well!!!

I will be enjoying my recovery, walking is a blessing alot of us take for granted, and hopefully writing on here often. I have discussed with my surgeon and we have decided that my knee replacement for the left knee will be as soon as I'm recovered comfortably from this one!!! Possibly in about 3 months. One down...... One to go......
I do have a schedule to keep... A secret of sorts... I'll tell you next time!!!!! Its a good one!
Be Blessed, Be active!!!!!!